About Me

I help online marketers grow their business fast by giving significant information, tips and strategies that will make their business work for them in autopilot 24/7.

Hello Friends,

I appreciate for your interest to learn my short story.

I’m a happy wife, beloved mother to my only one princess, a school teacher, and an active online blogger and marketer. I help entrepreneurs build their own sales funnels, email lists, and establish their own brand online.

I’ve been teaching high school students for 18 years now. It’s so much rewarding, helping my students learn by heart, not only because of the salary but also I gained passion to help them build the future that they deserve in a way I can.

On the other side of me, I always have the desire to do entrepreneurship. But because I was so filled-up with my teaching job, I was not able to proceed on to it earlier.

Until one day, I realized that after 17 years of teaching, I still can’t do the things I want. I want to travel with my family, I want to spend quality more time with my family, in short, I want to have time and financial freedom.

So I started to check online. I researched a lot: watched a bunch of marketing videos, read numerous articles on entrepreneurship and marketing, checking on what works, learning different blue prints of success and following successful people to find-out how did they do it and design my own blue print to start my journey to success. I spent sleepless night to learn and start to get results.

I am just so blessed I have sincere mentors and to be with a group of like-minded people. It helps a lot having a community that is helping each other grow in business faster together.

Now, I’m loving helping entrepreneurs build their own system and brand online, while having my day job as a teacher.

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