5 Tips To Get Your Business Running, Profitable and Successful Within 90 Days in 2020

Everyone would like to get results even faster than 90 days. Right? But not everyone are willing to do what it takes? What about you? Are you willing to do it? Do you have what it takes? If so, then this article is for you.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Everybody knows how this pandemic thing has affected everyone’s life. I will not be enumerating those in this blog but I would just like point to it’s significance that most people, especially those who lost their jobs, and those who are already tired in the rat race,and those who are ready to make a change and live the life that they wanted.

If you feel that you are one of those then, you must be willing to do what it takes to achieve what you want and need.

One thing that makes a business stronger is when you have to look for ways to make it survive. When you don’t have money to spend on advertising, you look carefully for ways that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. I do experience it and I only chose those activities that allowed me to see immediate results.

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

I believe that experience is the best teacher, with it, I have learned my lesson and I that is that I’d like to share to you. Please see the following five strategies below.

1. Start with what you have.

Everyone has contacts. Whether its family and friends, business associates, or networking affiliates, create a file listing contact information for everyone you know. Then generate a personalized letter and talk about your online services. Ask them to visit you online. Provide a motivator to ensure their visit. People can’t promote you if they don’t know what you do. So tell them! Mail it to everyone on your list.

2. Starting with a “friendly” list is a great way to get started. But don’t stop there. Next, figure out what industries your customers are in. Who is your target prospect? Continue to build your list by including people and companies in your target industries.

One of the best ways to build a list is to head to your local library (many libraries now have research tools online so you can do your research from your home or office), and ask for various business directories.

I’m a heavy believer in direct mail because it works. I’ve had incredible results sending out personalized letters, and asking people to respond. I’ve included response cards with my letters, and have asked people to visit my site for a free report. I’ve had luck with both techniques. But the key is to get people to take action. A letter is nice, but if they don’t contact your immediately, they will soon forget you.

3. When you get people to your site, again the key is to take action. A website should have enough information to entice a viewer to want more information. Once you’ve established that connection, motivate them to provide you with their contact information in exchange for an item of value. A free report or a subscription to an ezine are logical choices. Once you have their contact information, you now have the ability to contact them again and again. And sell them on your business and your services with every contact.

4. Driving traffic to your site becomes the next area of focus. Your lists provide you with initial contacts. But with the Internet, finding those same people all over the world becomes necessary to grow your business. Begin building up your name as the authority within your field or industry.

Get your personal name out there – not just your business name. Write articles for other websites and ezines with complimentary target markets. Become a guest moderator on forums. Become a columnist for a trade publication. Look for opportunities to build up your credibility.

The ultimate goal is to provide quality information to people in your target market. And to have the ability to provide your contact information, and ultimately a link back to your site, in places all over the Internet. Trust is built when people see our name again and again. Connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses is a sure fire way of getting known.

5. No matter how hard you work, there will always be just 24 hours in a day. As your days become busier, learning to leverage other people’s time and effort becomes mandatory to facilitate growth. Most small business people try to do too many things on their own. Instead, ask others for help in their areas of expertise. Areas that I have found useful to ask for help are:

Hire virtual assistants to keep up with daily operations. They learn your business from the inside out, and can fill in for you at a moments notice.

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Hire professionals to do the tasks that keep you from what you do best. Hire a data entry company to input your daily transactions.

Hire a mentor to help keep you on track. Business coaches can do wonders for helping you grow your business with strong business strategies. And life coaches can help you sustain balance within your busy life.

Hire help on an as needed basis. I love marketing and PR, and I must admit a great deal of my time is spent performing these two functions. But I’m also aware I can move quicker if I ask for help occasionally.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help even if it is in your area of expertise, or you enjoy performing the work. Hire copywriters to make your letters, brochures and marketing tools as effective as possible. Hire a PR firm to cover a different target area. Hire an Internet marketing company to help optimize your website.

Each of these techniques will provide you with a healthy start to growing your online business. And as you work each one, remember you can always continue to add to each technique in the future. Performing the same task in different ways will only provide you with more people directed towards your business.


These 5 tips that I’m giving you will not help you in anyway if you don’t take action. All your results will entirely depend on the amount of action you take to achieve your goals.

Most procrastinate because they keep on waiting to learn but has never started to apply. “Learning is by doing” John Dewey. Everyone starts somewhere. You just have to do it and be consistent. If you do so, it is positive that you’ll start to see results in 90 days.

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