3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketing to Work from Home, while in Quarantine or even after Corona Virus Crisis.

Due to this Corona Virus crisis that the world is facing now, more and more people lost their 9-5 jobs, businesses are losing money, thus people are stressed on how to survive. How about you? Are you also affected in this crisis?

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You may also ask your self, “How am I going to sustain to provide the needs of my family? Perhaps, you’re thinking on how to make money online from home.  

One positive thing is business even at the midst of this Corona Virus Crisis is that Online Market is expected to rise even more.

It is now very evident that people prefer to shop online and have it delivered to their doors.  You may buy physical goods like foods and supplies, medicine and food supplements, or dry goods that you will need in your daily undertakings.

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Other than that are digital products, like training, short courses, fitness program, coaching, or even webinars.

Now there are 3 most common ways to make money in this industry:

  1. You will be a product creator.  This means you have to create your own product, build your own payment system, set up your shipping system, and sell your product online.
  2. You provide service to business.  Perhaps you can be a graphic designer, A copy writer, a virtual assistant, a web designer, lay out artist, book keeper, animator, and a lot more.  You make money by charging your clients on the service you provide them.
  3. Affiliate marketing. This is my favorite one. You will promote products of other people. They take care of the delivery and payment of every sale you make and make commission on it.  The more sales you make, the commission you get, the more money you make.

Now, we’re talking.  So which would you prefer?  

Just like before, Affiliate marketing remains to be a famous marketing strategy, both for publishers and advertisers. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is described as an agreement between a marketer (could be using his own website) and a merchant. The affiliate (marketer), promotes the merchant’s products and services on his social media accounts, website, or through email marketing.

In return, the affiliate receives a commission for every sale generated through his link.  

Below are the 3 big Reasons Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketing to Make Money from Home in this Corona Virus Crisis.

Cost-Effective and Low-Risk

Many businesses have embraced the concept of affiliate marketing because of its cost-effectiveness. Contrary to other forms of advertising, the merchant only pays the affiliate once he delivers results. These results are determined by various parameters such as a sale, click-through or lead.

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Affiliate marketing is also ideal for small start-ups since it is a low-risk investment. With other types of advertising, one would be required to pay the costs upfront with no guarantee of measurable results. With affiliate marketing, you only incur an expense when a purchase is made. This means that your investment always makes you a considerable return.

Brand Exposure

I’m now revealing one of the secrets to a successful advertising program and that is brand visibility. This method allows you to market your product or services on hundreds of websites; thus, giving you the ultimate brand exposure. The more visible your are, them more  chances for revenue you make. 

Hence, affiliate marketing benefits merchants by offering targeted prospects. Most affiliates match the products and services, which are likely to appeal to their site visitors. The affiliate understands his audience; he then takes offers that are best suited for them. For the merchant, this means that your product is advertised to a appropriate demographic.

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Easy Tracking and Transparency

Through affiliate marketing, merchants can track the progress of their marketing strategy. It is achieved by assessing the purchases made, click-through rates and page views among other parameters. By monitoring the performance of your campaigns (promotions), you can identify the areas to invest in more efficiently. 

Aside from your paid campaigns (ads), there are several click tracking platforms that you can use for free.  You may use bitly.com or rebrandly.com. If you have a WordPress website, you can check on its analytics feature.


Affiliate marketing offers a win-win situation for the merchant and affiliate. Merchants get to enjoy a wider market to advertise their products or services. Besides, this method gives you direct access to your target audience.

On the other hand, affiliates can make immense profits quickly. Typically, you can generate income without incurring any production costs or inventory expenses. The best part is that you can join most affiliate programs for free; in short, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get started even you are in quarantine.

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Below are very helpful tools to get results faster in affiliate marketing. They are indeed my product recommendations that I find very effective and has proven in many ways.

For your need for domain name: Bluehost

Their excellent customer support, user-friendly control panel, and free domains are just more reasons why many website beginners choose to host here. You will get a free WordPress website hosting when you get a domain with bluehost. This makes very practical but very powerful access to create a free website in WordPress.

Bluehost also offers an affiliate opportunity to their users.  You can therefore promote it and make money on each sale you make.

Get Your Domain Now Here!

Should you need to learn more on how to get started with Affiliate Marketing fro scratch? Just visit my article on it. Click here.

But if in case you are not ready to create your own website from scratch, here’s the best solution to it. You can have a Done for Your Affiliate Website that exhibits product reviews and bonuses of selected top selling products from Clickbank, Warrior Plus, and JV Zoo. Check it out here.  

Get Started Here Now!

Those 3 above mentioned marketplaces are the largest and high performing platforms in the market not just today but even years before and in the years ahead.

Which of those 2 recommendations you choose, you can then start making money from home even at the midst of this Corona Virus crisis. Your being quarantined becomes beneficial though.


The information contained within this article is strictly for educational purposes. All instructions given do not guarantee that you will get your desired results.

Your success entirely depend on the amount of actions you do for your business. If you wish to apply ideas contained in this article, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

I’ve done every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information within this article was correct at time of publication and I do not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from accident, negligence, or any other cause.

Beth Gucio
Wife, Mother, Teacher, Online Entrepreneur, Real Estate Salesperson

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