Feb-Ibig Entry 5: How to have faith in waiting seasons?

I’m so grateful to the Lord that He has help us raise a daughter who is very God loving and fearing!

I feel so blessed to be her mother. I’m re-blogging her work to let you see the wisdom and beauty of her spirit. 

Happy reading and God bless! 

Maria Angelica

Blessed day to you! For this Entry 5, I want to talk to you about having a strong faith in God while waiting for His promises to you.

You are not alone.

First of all, you are not alone. if you are experiencing waiting season right now, I’m on the same boat as you. I mean, we all experience this kind of season where we have a lot of questions about life and where is God’s promise to us. Even prophets, people in the bible, and Saints experience the same thing. Waiting season is a test of faith. It is when we really establish our strong faith and trust in God.

Waiting for the right time.

When you ask God for something or He promises you, He often says, “I will do this in you, through you, for you and give this to you.”, you really get excited, motivated, and…

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