How to Save Time and Money in Facebook Marketing

You must be looking for ways on how you can successfully market in Facebook. Well, I say you are in the right place.  In here, you will learn the following:

  1. The secrets of successful marketers on how they increase Facebook posts’ engagements.
  2. How to scale-up your Facebook conversion rate step by step?
  3. How to find the best contents for your marketing and how to properly use it to save time  and money?

So, if you think this is what you’re looking for, you would want to read up to the end of this article.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all saying that you should be lazy and just rip off or copy your competitors wholesale. I’m not saying that you should be involved in some sort of copy and paste marketing because that’s not going to work.

What then am I talking about? Sadly, that’s precisely how too many Facebook marketers defined ‘curated content.’ They just find content that seems to be related to their niche and run with it. In fact, many think that as long as a piece of content has their target keywords in the titles of blog posts and articles, these are ‘good enough.’ Unfortunately, ‘good enough’ is never good enough in the ‘dog eat dog world’ of Facebook content marketing. Nothing but the best will do.

Instead, you need to identify your competitors’ best content, as well as highly popular content produced by third parties. You use these materials to test your page in terms of response. If you notice that a lot of your page fans respond better to a specific type of content, then you need to produce more of that content.

You need to either find other third party content you can curate, or you can come up with your own stuff. Whatever the case may be, this is a simple example of finding what works. When you start your page, you really don’t know what will work. You don’t even know if enough people would like your page.

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What’s important is you keep showing content out there to the extent that some people would engage with it. Some people might like it enough, that they would like your page. When enough time passes, you should be able to see certain patterns. You should be able to see which pieces of content are your most successful posts.

I recommend that you make a little modifications to refresh it and publish this type of content more often to see if you can maintain your engagement level. If that’s the case, then find more of the same type of content, come up with your own version, apply your own flavor on it and increase your engagement levels.

This will also enable you to get more likes to your page. How? Since you know what type of content is popular and what kind of themes and topics keep coming up, you can target the interests of your average user and drive traffic using Facebook’s look-alike audience feature.

Engagement is the vital of successful content.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Getting likes is a part of marketing but you should not just focus on it all throughout. You scale up your engagement types and intensity.  Once you achieve a high enough level of likes, encourage your followers to post comments.

Keep running experiments. Once you get them to post lots of comments, go to the next level and encourage them to share. Make no mistake, user engagement is no different than traffic-you have to optimize it. You have to scale it up.

You have to find where the tune is for it eventually leads to your ultimate goal: Conversions. This is the part of the process that can actually provide you passive income and gradually change your life. This is where things get real.

Following this approach will definitely help you save your time and money in making a lot of mistakes in figuring things out.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope you find value on this content. And if you do, please feel free to like and share this to your friends whom you think will also be benefited on this.

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