SalveoWorld: Legit or Scam? – My Honest Review

You may have noticed that there are now more and more SalveoWorld members promoting their opportunities everyday. So many are claiming that they have earned money and there are those who even left their 9-5 job and make their business full time.

There are also those who have already proven to have changed their lives. Surpassing the rat race and the pay check to pay check scenario to financial and time freedom.

With it, is a big question, how did this happen? Are those stories real or just made-up to scam people? That is what we’re going to find-out in this article. So keep reading!

What is SalveoWorld and Technowise360 by the way?

SalveoWorld is an online network marketing system owned by Technowise360 Inc.. It uses an E-Commerce Platform. That sells health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and fashion products. Technowise360 was founded in 2013, and it launched SalveoWorld in July 2018.

They company claimed to be doing business 100% online which means you can do everything through the internet, from marketing, selling, and recruiting.

They also claimed to be the first company using a combined business models like Networking, E-Commerce, and Multilevel Marketing. The company is the one taking care on the stocks, inventory, delivery through drop shipping, they have online payment system with an option of cash on delivery. “It is indeed revolutionary”, says Jean Pineda, the Operations Manager.

Their mission is to provide new, very effective ways to do MLM business easier and faster. The platform that they used took away the hassles of the traditional networking method to make it easier for their members to make their business work for them, instead of them working for their business.

By the way, are the leaders visible? Just see the photos below:

Now, let’s qualify the company of they are legit or scam using these 5 questions:

First: Has the company been around for at least 5 years?

Answer: Yes! The company was established in 2013, which means they’ve been around for 6 years already as of today November 15, 2019 as this articled is published.

Second: Is the company licensed?

Answer: As for this aspect, I checked on its live website to make sure if it’s visible for all. I found out that they have update licenses issued by SEC, BIR, and FDA, valid until 2023. So, it is a sure Yes!

Third : Does the Company Offer High Demand and High Quality Products? Please see the pictures below before I answer this question.

Answer: Upon seeing those pictures above that serve as samples of their products, and upon trying it myself on to their Salveo Barley Grass, Good Shape Coffee, and the Amaranth Soap, I say Yes! that they are in high demand and high quality products.

Aside from my own experience of the products, there are also real people telling their stories on how SalveoWorld products have helped them recover health and beautify. Please click here to watch their testimonials.

Fourth : Does the company offer residual income?

Answer : Looking at the picture above and with the testimonials that you will see in E-Com Journey to Success, the answer is Yes. It does offer residual income. But members should understand that success will depend on the amount and quality of work each one does for his business.

Fifth : Does the company take the full advantage of the technology?

Answer: If you remember as stated above the fifth paragraph, the company is using E-Commerce and Drop Shipping platforms, thus making it 100% Online from marketing, selling, shopping, so as with the deliveries, and even the recruitment process.

Watch the video below to see it for yourself.

Alright! So now we have answered the 5 questions to qualify if they are legit or scam. With the investigation and research I made, I say it is legit. But you have to see it for yourself.

If you are open to take a closer look at it, you can register for FREE here. Just be sure to send me a message here so that I can assist you on this.

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This article is based on my personal findings upon a thorough research and investigations. You may have your own personal findings. This also contains several links that I am an affiliate of. Should you buy a product or membership from this site, I will be getting certain amount of commissions that will indeed help me maintain this site.

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