Two Most Common Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail!

Many have tried but yet failed. Being an entrepreneur has the great chances to get yourself out from the rat race and from the misery of pay check to pay check. You then can live the live that you’ve been dreaming of.

But on the other side, it must be clear to you that it needs a lot of work. It requires your time, effort, skills, and money. Are you willing to go through it? Then this article is for you.

One of the most important things to learn to be successful is to know the possibilities of failing. With it, you can already give warning to yourself as you get yourself ready to start a new journey to the world of entrepreneurship!

Based in my personal experience, community observation, and researches I have come up these two most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail.

1. Not enough research to prove that the opportunities they see online are real and giving results to those who took action.

There are so many opportunities in the internet right now, that there are more and more determined entrepreneurs that are making money every day. Some are making hundreds, thousands, even hundreds thousands of Dollars with the same opportunities that we see in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and the rest of the internet social media platforms that we can just also have access like them.

Some can make it in months, 1-3 years, and some 5 years. It just totally depends on how much time and action you give in to it! Now let’s try to compare it with the corporate people. How many years do you think they will make hundreds of dollars a day? Is it possible? Maybe yes, but only in very few cases.

People don’t dare to take a closer look on how these opportunities can help them change their lives from being slaves of debt to financial freedom. My says that, when they heard somebody is being scammed, they pre-judged that everybody online is a scammer, without even checking on it of which is a scam and which is not. The truth is, it does not mean that if one is a scammer, all the rest are scammers.

It’s so sad to see the reality that most of the social media users do not take advantage of the power of it. Other than just posting nonsense pictures and shout-outs, they may post valuable contents instead that will help people solve problems. Regardless if it’s about health, wealth or relationship, “Knowledge is Power” said Francis Bacon. Remember?

It is always best if we take time to have a closer look on the possibilities around, who knows, one of those may just be the answer of your prayers.

2. They don’t need it bad enough, while others seriously working on it no matter what it takes, because they certainly know that they will succeed.

It can’t be ignored that there are people who think that they are just contented with the life they have but still are dreaming of something better inside.

There are two most common notions why people don’t really want to succeed in life:

First, they think that ‘why need to earn much that everybody will soon die’. So they resulted to stay in the rat race until they get old, poor and still having so much debt. But hey, there’s more! This notion is passed to their children and their grandchildren.

Second, there are those people who wanted to gain financial and time freedom but do not take enough action to make it happen. They are those who don’t want to spend money to make money. They are those who tried a little, failed, and quit easily.

Some have so many excuses: No money for the enrollment, no time to work on it, it’s not working for me and a lot more. Worst thing is that they infect others too. These people may have really wanted to improve life but are not willing enough to take massive action to make it happen.

Now if you hear the stories of those who are making thousands of dollars a day in the internet like Tony Robins, Jack Ma, Dan Lok, Anik Singal, Eric Worre, Nathan Lucas, Gary Vaynerchuk, and a lot more. All of them say that they do their thing in every single day. Because they want it badly enough not only for themselves but also for the people who need their guidance and constant valuable information to help them make their dreams come true.

Hence, that’s what makes them unstoppable. In fact all of them started being broke, from zero to making hundreds of thousands every month. So what does it tells you?

Simply obvious, there are real opportunities around. You just have to give yourself a chance to get to know it better to find out how will you make it work for you.

But it’s NOT just about the money, it’s what the money can do to make you acquire the freedom and quality life you and your family have been dreaming of. Not only that, imagine how much help you will be capable to give to others. In that way you will have a real meaning of life.

Note: You have to understand that every result of every entrepreneur may differ from each other. It is basically because it all depends on how much time and action you give in to it!

So let me ask you. How bad do you want to make your dreams happen?

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