5 Tips to Fight Stress and Depression

Today’s way of life has changed a lot.  You feel so much pressure around. Every minute is counted and we have to see to it, to be as much productive as we can.  Due to very high demand of things to do in order to survive. Thus, resulting to so much stress and may cause illness, both physical and psychological.

However, everything depends on how we handle this pressure of life in order to survive.  Below are the five suggested things to consider in order to fight stress and depression.

1. Decide to be in the state of grace.

Think of the blessings you have in life. Choose to appreciate life being beautiful. Be grateful of the things that you have. Live in the beauty of it and choose to be happy with it.

Having bad days are normal, but it’s not good to stay and live with them. Move on and refresh yourself with beautiful things that happened and make beautiful things to happen.

Don’t just live for yourself, live for your family, live for your friends, live for your community, live for the glory of God. Find ways to serve others and do not tolerate your weakness.

With my family right after the Holy Mass!

Avoid training yourself to be frustrated, instead train yourself to be always positive and motivated. The more you do something you get wired into it. So why not be wired to be positive and be happy always.

As tony Robbins say, “Life is too short to feel like crap”. Take control of your mind and you take control of your life.

2. Level-up your standards. Don’t be stuck in your dreams.

Model successful people and think of the possibilities that you can also have the success they’re having.

It’s good to be contented with what we have, but it’s best to raise our standards to be able to have enough capacity to help and serve more people.

People have different reasons, why they wanted to succeed in life. What about you? Do you have your reasons why you think you need to achieve? You have to identify your ‘why’.

Have the courage to take the necessary action and go with the process in making your goals happen. 

Don’t limit yourself. Take massive action. Be willing to fail sometimes and learn from your failures. Rise – up again and do something better that will not make you fail again. Believe that you can achieve better and you deserve better.

“I’ve failed, I’ve learned, I moved on and become better. Let your mistakes be lessons to improve, not to be discouraged!” – Beth Gucio

If you will just be consistent with it, daily rituals will help you have the momentum to help you get going. Then 1 day you will see yourself that you have achieved your goals and that you will be thanking yourself of not being afraid of taking that action and kept going.

3. Improve yourself.

Take care of your physical health. You can do more things if you are physically fit. It will be easier to be happy if your body feels good. Have enough sleep, choose healthy foods, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. 

Invest in your health with natural supplements, your body will surely return more of it to you.  Successful people are very conscious of their health to continue to work on for their success.

Educate yourself. Invest in training that you believe will help you improve your life. It depends on your field of interest. Should you be in health and fitness, improve or repair relationship, or make money online.

Feed your mind everyday with positive things. Read motivational quotes, read the Bible, read success stories and a lot more. Those are very useful to be a better you.

4. Believe in yourself.

Believe that you can do it. Your actions will depend on your belief. Having doubt in yourself is poisonous. It will stop you from doing something to make your goal happen. Like when you think you can’t do it, you will surely not be able to do it.

Think of a salesman knocking at the door to sell something but does not believe in his product and himself. Do you think he will be able to sell it? Of course not. Because his actions and words will be so weak and will never convince his customers to buy his products.

It could also be a task being assigned to you and you are hesitant to take it because you think you cannot do it. So what do you think will happen to you? You may lose the faith of your boss on you. If you do it more frequent, you may lose your job.

So it’s always best if you believe in yourself and stress will go away, because you will have the mental condition that you can do it and you can make it happen.

5. Identify the meaning of your life.

Think of the people who need you. Remember the things that you can do to help them and make them happy.

Imagine those sick people who are doing their best to recover their health. They do that because they know the meaning of their lives.

In my case, I need to take care of myself and I need to be strong for my family. If I will always be stressed and depressed and eventually become sick or paranoid, what will happen to my family? I don’t want to be a burden to them. They are the meaning of my life.

Aside from my family, my goal is to have the capacity to help more and more people. The secret of living is giving. That goal gives me strength to continue to beat stress and depression. It makes me continue to take action and go with the process to achieve my goal.

Thank you so much for reading this far. I really hope you enjoy reading and wish this article has given you even just a little value. Please leave me a thumbs-up and a comment below. I would also appreciate if you would share this blog to your friends whom you think will benefit it.

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3 Replies to “5 Tips to Fight Stress and Depression”

  1. A very inspiring topic here. I’ve gone through depression 3years ago whilst pregnant with my youngest one and being in a cave in the midst of my pregnancy is a total mess. I’ve gone to the stage of taking my own life thinking that’s the best way to get through it never thinking of some other people especially the one inside my tummy, that’s just me being selfish. Thankfully, I have someone that never turns back and dint leave me. I seek for help and that’s the start to change everything. If you are feeling depressed, take a break and breath me some air. Go out for a walk or see some friends. Depression is a huge problem that others takes for granted. Seek help if you must. It’s never too late.


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