WebTalk Review: The Latest and All In One Social Media Platform

A reliable friend introduced Webtalk to me. I did not pay attention on to it right away.

But as I remember how reliable my friend is, I have decided to check on it. And I discovered that it is far more interesting than Facebook.

Why? It’s simply because its 100% FREE to join! I registered with NO Card Info required. And I can take advantage of the following:

  1. I will have communication, collaboration, and commerce networking community together in one platform.
  2. Based on how it is designed, I will have the option to categorize my friends’ list: Personal, Professional, and Business. Thus, will help me communicate better and save time.
  3. It has features that will help us strengthen relationship with more targeted and visible communication.
  4. I can build credibility and conduct business more efficiently. It brilliantly helps me organize my personal, professional and business life into easy to manage categories.
  5. It has its business side that will make me money.

The founder, Robert Garbowicz, has proven himself to be a real person and has gained a lot of reliable experiences in growing credible social networks.

WebTalk has their business side handled through their SocialCPX (advertising).

This is how they generate revenue by selling the premium memberships and advertising fee’s.

It’s FREE to join, but when you want to use their advertising plan, that’s the time you need to pay. They generate revenue by selling the premium memberships and advertising fee’s.

You can now start from here

One can generate the following commissions:

  • 10% of premium subscription fees paid by personally referred WebTalk members
  • 10% of ad budget spent by personally referred advertisers
  • 10% of advertised local services purchased through WebTalk
  • 2% to 9% of commission generated if a product is purchased through the WebTalk news feed
  • 5% of app subscriptions sold via an in-house app store
  • Residual commissions are offered to their first million affiliates.

To qualify for residual commissions, you must sponsor at least one paid member…

All of the residual are paid through a unilevel compensation plan.

My personal opinion? Taking this for granted is just like putting away food and money from the table.

If you are interested, join with me here.

But of course, everything is up to you. Have a great day to all! Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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