How Do We Relate Christmas To Our Business

Most of us are now busy preparing for Christmas.  There are those who have started to buy gifts for their family and friends.  On the other hand children are now excited of the gifts that they expect to receive.

But what about you? How do you prepare for Christmas?

My family and I are really busy setting-up our system for our online business.  This trial and error process is really tough.  However, having our clear mindset to level-up on entrepreneurship, so we understand that we have to go through this.

I am just so blessed that I have my family with me.  The fact that there are those who are struggling to get support from their respective families.  Yet, when results  started to come.

Preparing for Christmas belongs to the Advent Season of the church calendar.  In which man is assisted with spiritual activities to fully prepare for Christmas not only financial and physical but also to prepare in heart and mind.  

Now, what does it mean?  It simply means that we have to recall our faults and failures, to ask forgiveness to whom we have sinned.  At the same time to forgive those who have sinned against us.  You might say, wow! It’s so deep, while some might say, it’s ridiculous! Here it is, you just think as you wish, but in my personal opinion, there will be time that you will understand what I’m talking about here matters.  All I pray that it will not be too late when you realize it.

But of course, there are those who are like minded people and will agree and support on this article.

I am just so grateful to the Lord that He has given me parents who taught me how to live life according to God’s design.   We are taught to do things with God and surrender it up to Him.

 In this Christmas season, while so busy in the setting-up for our sales funnels, website, blog site, creating videos, writing articles and the like, I believe that I will not be making this good, should I not  lift it up to Him.  We are experiencing real struggle because we have started
going out from our comfort zone.  But the more struggle we encounter, the more strength we gain.

When you have God at the center of your life, you will do things with honesty and will result credibility.  In such a way, people will trust you and will see your credibility and soon will do business with you.

If we are looking for a long term business, it will not grow over night.  It will be a long process, but will give long term or even a life time source of income.

Christmas, is the best time to give something for FREE to clients and to those potential clients.  Giving FREE information with full value content will be a great way to help people and at the same time to develop close relationship with our clients.  If you have old books that you already have read,  it will also be a good give away. Thus, will be a great help to grow your business.

Everything will just follow smoothly if you have generosity to people regardless if they will  buy from you or not.  What is important is that you have contributed something to make them feel the real spirit of Christmas!

God bless us all and advance Merry Christmas! 🙂

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