8 Steps in your Journey to Success

Achieving the desired success is not easy. Having something what you want in life without going into a process like a journey is not a success. It may just be luck or being a beneficiary of a sponsored gift or opportunity.

We may have different levels of success from getting good scores in a test to being an honor student or simply loosed weight to being physically fit, or having a better relationship to a successful marriage, or from being an ordinary entrepreneur becoming very SUCCESSFUL.

We can only say that we have achieved if we have gone through the process in which you experienced struggles, sometimes failures as you learn through it and then eventually achieve.

It is definitely arriving up to the summit of your goal in life. Thus it will make you feel so proud and grateful to yourself and to the people who in one way or another have supported you along your journey.

After a thorough research combined with my real life experiences, I have come up with these very significant 8 Steps in our journey to success.

1. Be Open Minded

Have your eyes and ears open for new learning. We might be very knowledgeable already but no one else knows everything except God. Just be open to new ideas or opportunities, and then give time to think about it. Is it possible on you? Will it be good or of no value in achieving your goal in life?

Also give time to listen to people who have already achieved. There are many valuable videos in social media sites for you to check on what successful people have to say on how they have become what they are. And you may model their ways in achieving their success.

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2. Learn

You might be bombarded with lots of information from different people that surround you, but before getting really involved on to it, have your own research first. As most people say, “Little knowledge is dangerous”.

Take a closer look on every aspect that may involve in achieving your goal. With it you will be able to for see of what will happen in the future if you do this or do that.

Being equipped with enough knowledge will be a great help for you to decide for the best.

3. Decide

After you have done a thorough research, you are now equipped with all the necessary information for you to come up with a decision. Be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of any choice that you’re going to make.

Expect risks to come along and be ready with the strategies on how to handle it with wisdom and strength.

4. Take Action

No matter how knowledgeable you are, but if you don’t take action, you will NOT be going anywhere. After you study and decide, you are now ready to take action of whatever decision you have made.

The first thing you need to do is to plan. Make plan A and plan B. In case you will encounter a serious problem that may hinder you from achieving your dream, go to your plan B.

It is always best if we have a back-up plan. Then, you make a blueprint of the things that you need to do. Arrange the things you need to do, which you should do first, then next, and then, so on and so forth.

Having arranged on the things you need to do, will help you to be systematic, and lessen mistakes and failures.

When you are done with your planning, this time you are ready to put those into ACTION. Start working on it! The more you delay your actions, the more you delay your success.

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5. Accept Failure

Being knowledgeable enough and having very good plans of actions do not mean that you are perfect. No one controls everything to happen. We may be able to prevent ourselves from committing mistakes, but sometimes bad things happened when we least expect it.

With my life experiences, like no matter how I prepared my lessons with complete resources and applying the best know strategies in teaching my students, there would be really times that only 20-30% will acquire the skills we’ve been practicing. 

With that, I need to re teach the lesson and give activities to let my classes practice the skills more until they master it.   Until I get at least 75% have mastered the particular skills being tackled.

It is normal to encounter mistakes and failures.  We just have to learn and grow from it.  Experience will always be the best teacher.  Do not count on how many times you fall, instead count how many times you rise-up again and keep moving.

When times get rough, I always remind myself of the purpose in achieving success, like my family, the people I wanted to help, and the debts I need to pay.

According, to a great Philosopher, Aristotle, “Quitters never win, Winners never quit”.  If you quit, you will not get the success you’ve always wanted.  But anyway, at the end of the day, it will be up to you, would you like to sleep like a looser, or would like to sleep like a winner?  It’s all up to you.

6. Pray

Muslims pray directly to Allah. Christians pray directly to God. Catholic Christians also pray directly to God and with the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary and the Saints.  Buddhists pray to Buddha.

Although not all, but most of the people, believe in a supreme being that has the capacity to help us in all the things that we do.  Human as we have several limitations.  I know that there are many of you (my readers) believe that everything is possible with God. 

There are so many living testimonies of people with great experiences of being able to survive in the struggles being encountered having the belief that God was with them.

Consistent prayers, with complete faith and trust in Him, and with the significant massive actions, me, as a Roman Catholic Christian, strongly believe that burdens will become light, problems will be solved, everything will be in place, and dreams will become a reality.  Based on personal experiences, God’s help will come in surprises.

7. Achieve

Being open minded, learned, decisive, action taker, one who doesn’t surrender but learn from mistakes, and prayerful, there is no reason for you not to achieve your goal in life.  Success is really a process that you have to undergo a journey with several adventures to survive until you arrive to your destination.

Success processed with labor, treasure, and passion is sweeter than any best sweets we can find on earth!  You will be very proud of it and so grateful to God and to all the people sent by God to help you along your journey.

By then, you will be able to do what you wanted.  You will have time freedom and financial freedom, you will also have the quality life that you’ve always wanted.

8. Inspire

Most successful people, those who have great stories of getting from rags to riches, remain humble.  Aside from helping those who are in need, they also inspire people by sharing their stories.  They’ve been so demonstrative to show to people how they make it happen.

Example personalities that I’m talking about are my idols: Tony Robbins, Jack Mack, Stefan James, Brian Tracy, Erick Wore, Tai Lopez, and a lot more.  All of them have different stories on how they became successful, from rags to riches.

There are also some who extended more efforts to make trainings that will teach those who are interested and willing to take action.  However, there are courses that will qualify first their students before completing the enrolment process.

They wanted to make sure if their students are willing to go into a process and go on a journey. 

It will also be best to pre-qualify students to be sure that they will not just be wasting their time, effort, and treasure.  In such a way, they will produce more successful students that get tremendous results.

What about you? Are you willing to undergo with a process?  Are you ready to go on your journey to your success?  By then, you may also inspire people.

Thanks for reading my article.  Please like and share so that others will also be able to read this and perhaps it may help them achieve their goals in life.

God bless us all!

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